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Heidenhain Tnc124 control upgrades
Heidenhain Tnc124 control upgrades
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heidenhain tnc124

Heidenhain TNC 124 straight cut control for milling, drilling and boring CNC machines, Not every machining task requires a contouring control and all the advanced features of a CNC machine. In many cases a straight cut control and the features offered on the TNC 124 are fully adequate. With the TNC 124 you don't have to write NC programs for simple manual machining tasks. You can move the machine axes either continuously with the axis buttons, or in jog increments if you have an electronic handwheel.
Or simply enter the target position and start axis motion with the touch of a key.

Specifications: TNC 124
Memory 20 programs with a total of 2000 NC blocks;
one program can consist of up to 1000 NC blocks
Input resolution and display step Selectable via parameters, for encoders with 20 m
Grating period: from 0.001 mm to 0.1 mm
Range of traverse Max. 10000 mm
Error compensation Linear or nonlinear axis error compensation
Data interfaces RS-232-C/V.24
Ambient temperature Operation: 0 C to 45 C (32 F to 113 F)
Storage: -30 C to +70 C (-22 F to 158 F)

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