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machine tool laser calibration ball bar checks
machine tool laser calibration ball bar checks
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Machine Calibration !! NO longer available !!

Machine Tool Calibration

Achieving ever-demanding customer accuracy is a key requirement.

At Pennine we place great emphasis on going straight to the source of component errors --the actual machine which produces your key parts?

Calibration of the machine accuracy is obtained using conventional calibrated equipment, laser interferometer and dynamic ballbar.

Results are tabulated and graphs produced to highlight errors.

Were applicable (subject to control capability) these errors can be reduced through inserting the errors into the CNC control compensation tables. You may also be able to compensate for thermal effects and sag (or droop)

Condition reports extend this process to examination of the whole machine including ways, spindle, lubrication, hydraulics, electric's etc.

A report is then prepared describing the machine condition and the work/cost to improve the machine accuracy and performance.

Our service includes free visit, free information.

Special price to complete calibration & condition report.

Ball Bar Check

To find out how condition reporting will help you ( hit 'contact details' above) for all your ball bar checks

Periodic ball bar checks help reduce unscheduled downtime by tracking trends in machine performance. Problems can be identified before a machine tool goes down, allowing for scheduled repairs, rather than production crises.

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